Dynamic Consultant Services

Consultancy Overview

As a Microsoft dynamics consultants we offer a range of services from Project Management, Training and Implementation. We have a good knowledge regarding Navision & MS Dynamics Nav overseeing many Navision's & Dynamic's implementation, which all were on time and budget.

Also as a consultant we have project managed instillation of MS Dynamics Nav and done additional training sessions. We have also collaborated with Dynamics solution centers on Dynamics implementations.

  1. Project Management.
  2. Implementations.
  3. Training.
  4. Citrix.

After being a client and a consultant working on Dynamics implementations, We offer a unique perspective understanding both sides requirements and duties needed for a successful project. There are many disaster stories of failed or overrun IT projects, don't let yours be one!

I.t.c Services

IT Overview

We provide a exciting new approach to IT services, in our contracts we provide an IT administrator based at your company from 9:00 to 17:00 so you get top quality IT support, at a great price. Plus you also get additional support from all our other engineers along with cover when the administrator is on holiday.

This reduces the cost of employing an IT administrator/Manager but keeps that security of having someone onsite 24/7.

Doctor Service

Specialises in PC repair & maintenance.
With our qualified IT engineer will follow four main rules, to ensure that the best & cost effective action is taken.

We call it a PC Doctor service because many of the rules follow the same strategies that medical doctor use, in many ways diagnosing a computer problem, is the same as diagnosing a doctor's patient.

Computer ER first rule is Do No Harm:

You've probably heard this used by medical doctors, but here at Computer ER this is our main rule. When an engineer looks at your computer, the first thing they will do is stop & look at the problem then give you a diagnosis & plan of action needed to fix the PC and the time scale involved. It will then be down to you if wish them to proceed or not.

Computer ER second rule is don't Overlook the Obvious:

This medical term also applies to computer engineer. It a saying to remind the engineer that the symptoms display by the computer problem are most likely to caused by the most common causes & in most cases not by a more elaborate problem. This in return keep the cost down to customer.

Computer ER third rule is a trouble-shooter's guide:

This rule overlaps with the two previous rules, a engineer can't fix a problem, until they can pinpoint what the cause of the problem is. If it turns out that it is not the obvious cause, this rule is used to find the problem using three types of troubleshooting:
• What its not:
This method is taking away option that it could be therefore simplifying the system. Which intern eliminates those options as the cause.
• Grouping:
This method overlaps with simplify. An example is guess a number between 0 & 200, the grouping method is to pick (middle) 100 depending on the answer higher or lower the process is repeated e.g. lower (0 to 100) = 50 etc.…
• Change:
Say for example there is a problem with sound, change your sound card with one you know that works therefore eliminating if the sound card is the problem.

Computer ER forth rule is to Do anything we can:

This last rule applies to a problem that defies all the other rules. If after all the other rule have failed to understand the problem, we will do any part of the problem we can. Then look at the problem again by doing this sometime the answer can be revealed.